Journal of a teenage wizard: Year 1 (September 1st, 1932)

Thursday, 1st September 1932

Today, we were finally given our first real taste of magic after spending nearly an entire week on nothing but orientation. Today, during our first actual enchant class, we were taught our first spell, the levitation enchantment. According to our enchant professor, Professor Desmond Kingsley, a jovial human man of African descent, the levitation enchantment is one of the easiest enchantments to learn and master as it requires very little magical essence to cast. However, I beg to differ. I found it extremely hard to cast it. But I was not alone. Many of my fellow classmates also found it difficult to cast the levitation enchantment. Benjamin, one of the first friends I had made when I first arrived at Qimengdian , had already given up trying to cast the levitation enchantment after failing multiple times to make the feather in front of him levitate. I could see the look of defeat and resignation on his face. I tried to cast the levitation enchantment again. And again. But I failed each and every time. By the end of the class, only a handful of students had managed to levitate the feather placed in front of them. I was not one of them, unfortunately. As Benjamin and I left the classroom to go to our next class, I told Benjamin that we should not give up and continue practising the spell. He agreed with me.


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