Journal of a teenage wizard: Year 1 (August 31st, 1932)

I don’t understand why we still have to take English classes while attending a magic academy like Qimengdian. Or even arithmetic for that matter. I mean we’re at a magical academy! There’s no use teaching us those two subjects here. We were already taught English and Arithmetic while in primary school. I don’t think any other magic school or academy in the world makes taking English and Arithmetic mandatory. Anyways, the only reason why I’m actually writing down these thoughts in the first place is because of my English professor, Professor George Wordsworth, who made writing a journal as part of our English assessment. I hope reading out of entries would not be part of the assessment as well. I really do.

Now, what were we suppose to write about again? Oh yes, we had to write something about myself. Well, my name is Zachary Tan. I’m just an average human Chinese boy from Singapore who has two older brothers, one of which is a professor here at Qimengdian. Anyways, I think that’s all I have to say about myself. Hope its enough

© 2017 Y.Z. Tan


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